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Introducing, the Virgin Voyages cabins, designed for function and mobility. They feature flexible furnishings for increased socializing opportunities, upgraded bathroom experiences and tech forward, clever cabin touches, like eco-modes.

Here is a peak of Virgin Voyages cabins:

View from inside cabin, facing terrace, glam area and Seabed in day mode.

In-room glam table, for those who make getting ready an art form.

Cabin interior, featuring the Seabed in night mode.

To counter the boxiness of traditional sea cabins, the exclusive patent pending cabin layout was born in partnership with Pearson Lloyd Design of London. The layout uses intelligent architecture to optimize space with an angled wall that, though hardly detectable, vastly alters the room.

Part of that change is to make room for the Seabed, the first-ever transformational cabin bed at sea, specially engineered and handcrafted by German-based, Walter Knoll designers.

With air conditioning being one of the most wasteful elements on ships, sustainability was another consideration. PIR presence detectors with Eco modes were added, where air-con, lighting and curtain settings auto-adjust for energy conservation when a Sailor steps out of the cabin.

Left your phone charging in the room? Don’t worry, the cabin knows, and keeps it charging when all other outlets are off. Most wall switches were removed, since the room knows the time and location of the ship, and adjusts lights and blinds accordingly. Only as clever as a Sailor needs, this technology can also be controlled personally, on the in-room tablet.

With a focus on creating a strong connection with the sea, 93% of the cabins have sea views, and 86% have sea terraces with outdoor hammocks for lounging beneath the stars. That includes an XL Sea Terrace option for even more added room and terrace space.

For the less sea focused, there is also a variety of Insider cabins with solo options for more personal travel. Prefer a crew? Then the loft style, bunk bed lined Social Insider might be your thing.

Terrace sea view and hammock.

Overall, the cabins are revolutionizing ship design with modern yet light furniture meant to allow for increased energy flow while still expertly engineered to evoke strength, like the small C-tables, craftily shaped like a hull of a ship.

Most standard cabins will have transitional Seabeds, sustainably sourced, hand-woven hammocks, sensory mood lighting, in-room entertainment with 43”+ 4K flat-screen HDTVs, minibars, glam areas, flexible wardrobes and premium products in upgraded bathrooms with Roomy Rainshowers.

These personal retreats combine modern aesthetics, yacht-like sensibilities and functional living space, all working together to meet Sailor needs. Stylish, yet somehow still informal, these cabins aim to change the face of modern sea travel.