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Globus’ Safety Plans for Guided Tours

Globus’ Safety Plans for Guided Tours

The Globus Family of Brands, including Globus, Cosmos, Monograms is taking your health, safety, and security very seriously during the COVID-19 worldwide health emergency. In addition to their normal strict health and safety protocols they have created an enhanced safety protocol called “On-Trip Assurance” which includes the following:

Health and Safety
Today’s world has changed, but what remains certain is the Globus family of brands’ commitment to guest safety, comfort, and peace-of-mind while traveling with us. To that end, we have established a worldwide Assurance program for Globus, Cosmos, and Monograms, with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures, to ensure the health – and happiness – of our guests throughout their travels with us. It all starts with our Global Health & Safety Team, dedicated to ensuring that cleanliness of all operations exceeds today’s travel standards—from start to finish. The following areas address our commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for our guests.

A Safe & Warm Welcome
We will enact new tour check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to offer guests a safe start to their journey, including adherence to social distancing requirements.

Blending Cultural Proximity with Social Distance
We will ensure safe distances for our guests throughout the journey, on coach, and during excursions. This includes providing masks for our guests’ use at any time where social proximity could be an issue as well as the possibility of reducing group sizes if required. And wireless listening technology – including our Go Beyond Devices in Europe – enables safe distances between our guests and other travelers on excursions.

Focus on Guest and Team Member Health
To ensure a healthy environment for our team and our guests, we will conduct regular temperature checks for both guests and our team, and when necessary, masks will be worn by our team when with guests.

Touching Hearts, Not Hands
Traveling with the Globus family of brands removes many of the “touchpoints” of travel, including luggage handling, check-in/out, expedited entry into attractions, and more. We are further reducing risk with hands-free services, meaning all self-services replaced by staff, including buffet meals replaced with table service. We will also ensure hand sanitizing is available throughout each trip, on coach and in hotels.

Commitment to Clean
As a part of our commitment to clean, we are requiring enhanced cleaning procedures with our hotel partners, on our motorcoaches, vehicles and throughout every trip, including additional daily disinfecting procedures that go above-and-beyond our already strict health and safety procedures.

Partners in Discovery and in Health
The Globus family of brands has strict health and safety protocols, which have been in place for years, focused on ensuring all aspects of our operation–from vehicles and equipment used on trip to excursions and hotel procedures. This process will continue with new, elevated health and safety checks, to maintain our promise that each touch-point of our tours and cruises are considered in our commitment to guest and team member well-being.

In addition, Globus, Cosmos, and Monograms have pledged to continue to review and update it’s Assurance initiatives including adhering to – and building upon – the standards set forth by travel and health agencies across the globe, including the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDC), the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA).