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Enjoy these seven tips for savvy travelers! 

Keep Your Jewelry Safe
Leave your good jewelry at home or in the room safe.I have a beautiful faux diamond ring I take on all my vacations instead of my wedding ring. I lovingly call my “Get drunk at the beach” ring, because if I get drunk and loose it, who cares! 

Say “Yes” to Something New
Say yes to new experiences; you won’t regret embracing a new culture but you may regret saying no. Remember, travel enriches your life! 

Purchase Travel Protection
Did you know that the U.S. Department of State recommends travel insurance for anyone traveling abroad? It’s true — in fact, they think travel insurance is so important they even say so in every U.S. passport.

Don’t Look Like a Tourist
The more wealthy or out of place you look, the more attention you get from scammers and crooks.

Keep Your Money Safe
Split your cash and cards between luggage items and don’t take all of them with you when not necessary.

Protect Photo Equipment
For photo equipment, or other expensive items, put duct tape on it! If it looks broken, nobody wants to steal it.

Vacation planners save you both TIME and MONEY
On average, I save travelers $452 per trip and 4 hours of planning! Plus I’ll help you find better deals and avoid costly mistakes.

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